The myriad sounds of Travis Lydian’s life read like an epic saga - Celtic sounds descended from the misty Scottish Highlands through his family’s heritage; intense, thrashing alternative rock and punk in dark sweaty clubs; old school techno and rave music blasting across green, lush Western Canadian forest parties; even dissonant, heavy industrial experimentation colours Lydian’s musical past.


The globe-hopping realities of Lydian’s curious blend of sonic source material has resolved into a new direction. Music from traditional to bleeding edge has distilled into a pure exploration of sound for sound’s sake - driving, blinding, uplifting, tech-tinged house. 


Years of fervent experimentation brought Travis Lydian to this point, now, where the lessons learned from every point of the musical spectrum coalesce into passionate experimentation. Technical mastery is one angle - the endless technological advancement of the 21st century has left a near infinite palette of sound at his disposal. Synth tweaks, experimental effects and automated expression have led to new landscapes of sound, from grinding to celestial.


Photographer: Michael Benz